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Leesha's Lacquer

Full WWDITS Collection

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This listing is for all five (5) of the polishes in this collection. You will receive 5 polishes in your choice of 7.5mL (mini) OR 15mL (full size)

One Human Alcohol Beer, Please! : an orange based flakie multichrome with black flakies and red/orange/gold shifting flakes.

-Doll With The Spirit of Deceased Human Nadja Inhabiting It (THERMAL) - A blue based thermal that is heat activated and turns pink when warm. Also has black flakies and blue flakies.

-Does anyone here have any UPDOG? - a grey based multichrome with a pink to gold to green shift with linear holo.

- Jackie Daytona, Regular Human Bartender - a purple based multichrome that has a strong gold/green/turquoise shift as well as micro black multichrome flakies.

-Colorful Dust that Sparkles (REFLECTIVE) - a turquoise reflective polish with blue/green flakies.