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Leesha's Lacquer

Accidentally on Porpoise - Rainbow Reflective Collection

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Each polish in this collection has a special type of glitter called "reflective glitter". Reflective glitter looks relatively normal in normal lighting conditions but takes on a gorgeous reflective shine when in bright light/sun light.

Accidentally on Porpoise Is described as a deep sea blue ‘jelly’ formula polish with silver reflective glitter.

*note: a ‘jelly’ formula is a type of polish that is purposely less opaque in order to allow the glitter in the formula to shine through. This formula is buildable and reaches opacity in about 2 to 3 coats.

Thank you so much to @NailsofLizmo, @Mani.Polishes, @Nonbinarynails, @Puplocity and @Rainbow3Hair for the beautiful swatches.