About Us

I had always been very fond of nail polish, whether it was creating cool designs on my nails or wearing the hottest new hues.
When I realized my passion for polish was evolving and expanding, I got knee deep into the indie nail polish scene. It all began with frankening polishes, really. I loved how I could mix two different polishes together to make a brand new color.
As I experimented more, I found a indie polish kit right here on etsy and figured, hey, why not!
After months of buying pigments and glitters and experimenting with levels and volumes and how to add just the right pinch of this and that, I decided it was time for Leesha's Lacquer to be born.
So it was, and on August 1st, 2013, Leesha's Lacquer had begun.

I sincerely hope that my love for polish shines through my products that I love so very much to create.

Happy Polishing!