Flying Saucer


♥The cosmic neons are totally ne-out of this world! Also, be sure to check out the perfect pairing to this, my matte scented top coat!

Flying Saucer - A bright neon blue with a tad of purple shimmer and blue flakies.

♥Thank you so much to @DSetterfield74, @CDBNails143 and @NailsBySammie_ for the Swatches!

NEON WARNING : Please be sure to store your neon nail polishes outside of direct sunlight. Neon pigment, especially pinks and purples are known to fade and dull over time. To combat this, be sure to keep them in a cool, dark spot. This is no guarantee, however that your neons will not fade over time, and fading may occur 6-12 months after production.


  • Full Size 15mL
  • Mini 7.5mL